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Step One

Initial Consultation

Any time | No charge

Conducted over the phone or in person, Holly uses the initial consultation to learn about you, your fiancé and your family. One of the reasons why custom wedding invitations are so popular is because the invites truly reflect the personalities of the bride and groom. Unlike invitations ordered from catalogs these are genuine and authentic, no two are alike. During the initial meeting, we’ll talk about your wedding ceremony, the location, the colors, your dress, your bridesmaid dresses, the flowers and anything else that you feel we would need to know to create a custom look for your special day. During this initial meeting we’ll also discuss your guest list and time line. This will help us give you the basic information you’ll need to establish a budget for your wedding stationery.

Step Two

Decision time

At least 3-6 months prior to wedding date

You've met with Holly and would like her to design your wedding invitations. At this point, we would need your final decision on the wedding colors and your stationery budget. We always design within your budget. Also if you’ve seen things in magazines or online that you like, this is the time to share! Holly will provide you with verbiage choices and you'll need to pick one at this time as well. Then just sit back and relax… the next step is for you to review samples of your custom invitations.

Step Three

Design review

2–4 weeks after decision time — $150 Deposit

At this step, Holly will come back to you and your fiancé with 2 or 3 different design samples for your custom invites. These samples will be constructed using the actual paper, ribbon and other materials that would be used on the final invitations. Each design version will have an accompanying estimate, to help you make your decision on which design to choose. The samples are yours to keep so you can show your friends and family. We require a $150 deposit at this step. The deposit will be credited towards your final invoice.

Step Four

Choose design/Finalize design

2–3 weeks after design review — 50% of estimate due.

After Holly answers any questions that you have regarding the invites and the estimates, it's time to choose your favorite. After selecting a design, we will begin the finalization of the invites. This step will require some back and forth correspondence between the couple and Holly. This is because we accommodate any alterations and changes that you prefer. It’s your day, and it’s important to us that your invites are just the way you want them. When the design is finalized, Holly will begin the process of creating the full quantity of invites to accommodate your guest list.

Don’t forget about your envelopes. We offer services that include printing return addresses on the back flaps of the envelopes, as well as, printing all your guests’ addresses on the front. Or if you’re interested in calligraphy we have recommendations for that and we can provide your envelopes to you ahead of time to allow the calligrapher ample time to complete.

Step Five

Delivery of completed invites

10–12 weeks before ceremony - remaining 50% of estimate due

Completed invites, completely assembled/stuffed, are delivered directly to you.

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